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The Mumpreneurial Bali Dream

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Here’s a chat with a cool mum of two who had started a flourishing baby food brand triggered by her children’s needs and love for motherhood; one of PEDAS Magazine’s contributor in Health Tips rubric, Silvija Rumiha from Mini Muncher Bali.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Actually I’m from Melbourne, Australia and packed my bags for a 2 year stint in London which turned out to be 13 years living in the UK. In 2011, my partner got offered a job which he wasn’t going to pursue. After many discussions and my self being totally up for the move we decided to start a new life in Bali. I quit my career of 10 years, packed our belongings into boxes and made our way to Bali with our soon to be 2 year old daughter.

How did you decide on starting a business and Mini Muncher Bali in particular?

Finding out my daughter had allergies after she was 7 months changed my world in the way of cooking. To be honest, I never really enjoyed cooking and couldn’t cook to save my life, however I wanted to provide my daughter with healthy additive free food from the get go and needed to learn fast! The addition of Lola being dairy, egg, and peanut free was a huge challenge in the beginning. How do you make a cake without eggs? Having a degree in Health Science, I’ve always had an interest in health and nutrition and this was the time to begin doing research and learning about adapting to our new way of life without the foods that would create an anaphalactic attack on my daughter. This is how my journey and passion began. Nothing would make me happier then to see my daughters face light up with joy to be able to eat dishes she wouldn’t be able to normally by me adapting different ingredients. This makes it all so worthwhile! Giving birth to my second child Dexter and almost living in Bali for 1 year, I saw the great need for healthy, organic baby food. The only baby food available in Bali at this point in time was Heinz jars and at random other branded baby food pouches. I have always made my kids food from the very beginning from scratch. Upon many friends living in Bali and others coming for a holiday asking me what do I feed my baby in Bali and making them food I decided to create my own business making exactly that!

How important do you feel nutrition is in our children’s development?

Nutrition, I believe, is of such great importance to children and their development. By starting them young and from the very beginning to eat healthy wholefoods, they will carry these practices to when they are in their adult years and the rest of their life. Teaching them the importance of food and how it nourishes the body from inside and out is also a key factor in helping children understand the benefits of good food. I often discuss with my children about the meal we are having so that they learn about the different foods we eat and set the right foundations for them to explore food when they are older.

You’re what we call a ‘mumpreneur’. How do you keep a healthy balance between your work and family life?

Oh WOW! For me, it’s more of a passion than anything else and I totally love what I do. I’m fortunate enough that I can be a hand on Mum and be there for my kids from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. I am home with them in the afternoons when they return from school and I am grateful I can do that, all be it managing them and work at the same time. We often take weekends away as a family and I usually get together with other Mums and kids on a Friday night where the kids play and us ladies have a great catch up with some food and some wine. No matter what my family always come first especially my kids. I’ve learned to manage everything else around it over the years and it definitely keeps me on my toes.

Which are your best tips for mums on the go you’d like to share?

Plan, prepare, be organized, make double portions of food and make good use of your freezer!

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